Preparation to install and operate floating FLIDAR buoy - Thang Long Wind project (off Ke Ga cape), Binh Thuan province

From August 5 - 15th, 2021, Enterprize Energy from the United Kingdom - Singapore, the investor in the Thang Long Wind project (off Ke Ga cape), Binh Thuan province will organize the deployment of a FLIDAR floating buoy to conduct oceanographic data collection for the project development.

The installation location of FLIDAR floating buoy is in the survey area of Thang Long Wind wind power project, which was approved by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Industry and Trade; about 17 nautical miles to the Southeast of Mui Ne, Binh Thuan.

The period of continuous operation of the FLIDAR buoy is for 12 months and begins after deployment from mid-August 2021.

Specifically, the buoy will be deployed in the area defined by the coordinates (WGS84 system):


During the deployment, Enterprize Energy Group and PTSC GS/Fugro will moor the floating FLiDAR buoy to an anchor on the seabed using an installation vessel, escorted by a guard ship. Notably, like other marine buoys, the FLiDAR will not emit emissions, wastewater, solid waste and have no impact on the environment and fishermen.

Previously, from June 2019, the synchronous results of the wind measurement survey, aerial survey, and bathymetric survey covering the development area has confirmed the immense potential of Vietnam's offshore wind energy source, and that Vietnam can be one of the offshore wind power centers in the near future of the world. The 2,500km2 development area is located about 20km to 50km from the coast of Binh Thuan province, with a water depth of 20 - 50m.

The deployment of the highly sensitive instruments on the FLIDAR buoy to collect oceanographic data including waves, wind, currents, etc., is one of the important milestones of the project, demonstrating Enterprize Energy's serious commitment to implementing the survey program, which had been approved by the Government of Vietnam.

To guarantee safety, Enterprize Energy Group hopes that the People's Committees of coastal provinces and relevant agencies will notify fishermen in the province who conduct fishing activities in the sea area of Binh Thuan province about the operation of FLIDAR floating buoy, Thang Long Wind wind power project, and recommend them to avoid approaching within 500m of the buoy location. The buoy is equipped with lights and other navigational aids to ensure safety of shipping. A guardship will be deployed throughout the measurement program to help ensure safety.

Enterprize Energy Group looks forward to the cooperation and support of the People's Committees of the provinces and relevant agencies in ensuring safety and security during the deployment and operation of FLIDAR buoy.