Details of the campaign to deploy and operate floating buoy Flidar - Thang Long Wind Project (off Ke Ga Cape), Binh Thuan province

According to the detailed survey plan approved by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Industry and Trade respectively in letter No. 4917/VPCP-QHQT dated June 6, 2019 and letter No. 4146/BCT-DL dated June 12 2019, the Enterprize Energy Group will deploy a FLIDAR buoy to collect oceanographic data (waves, wind, currents, etc.) at the project survey area, off the coast of Binh Thuan.

Enterprize Energy Group has signed a contract with a consortium of contractors including PTSC G&S and Fugro to install and operate FLIDAR buoy, in order to serve the Thang Long Wind project.

The deployment location of FLIDAR floating buoy is in the approved survey area of Thang Long Wind wind power project and is located about 17 nautical miles to the Southeast from Mui Ne, Binh Thuan.

The installation schedule of the FLIDAR buoy is expected to take place from August 09th to August 15th, 2021. The period of continuous operation duration of FLIDAR buoy is for 12 months which will begin the end of July after completion of the installation work.

During the deployment, Enterprize Energy Group and PTSC GS/Fugro will moor the floating FLiDAR buoy to an anchor on the seabed using an installation vessel, escorted by a guard ship.

The FLIDAR buoy  floats on the sea surface and has a  height of 6.75m, a  diameter of 2.8m, a depth of the buoy below the sea level ~ 2.4m, a height of the buoy above the sea level (including the antenna) of 4m, and an overall weight of 4,250kg.

This is a specialized equipment manufactured by Fugro Norway that meets international standards for marine survey equipment. The buoy is moored to  a 3-4 ton concrete weight on the seabed. The connection between the buoy and the anchor is a 20mm Dyneema special-purpose fiber cable with super-strong load bearing capacity. The FLIDAR floating buoy meets national standards QCVN 20:2010/BGTVT regulations on buoys signaling the receiving area of oceanographic data, section 2.4.6 Specialized buoys.

FLiDAR floating buoy identification features include: Shape - Column, color - yellow, apex sign - a yellow X, lamp characteristics - yellow light, flashing feature in accordance with regulations - single flash with a period of 9 seconds.

MV DAU KHI 105 with a length of 39m, a width of 9.5m, draft of 3.2m, Gross Tonage: 348, Main engine capacity of 2000 hp will be used to carry out the deployment of the FLIDAR buoy.

After the FLiDAR is deployed at the designated offshore location, PTSC G&S shall undertake  security services to protect, guard, regulate and keep watch 24/24 during the operation period to ensure the safety of the FLiDAR buoy..

Like other marine buoys, the FLiDAR will not emit emissions, wastewater, solid waste and have no impact on the environment and fishermen.

Enterprize Energy Group hopes that the People's Committees of coastal provinces and relevant agencies will notify fishermen in the province who conduct fishing activities in the water area of Binh Thuan province about the presence of FLIDAR floating buoy, Thang Long Wind wind power project, and recommend them to avoid approaching within 500m of the buoy installation location.

Enterprize Energy Group looks forward to the cooperation and support of the People's Committees of the provinces and relevant agencies in ensuring safety and security during the deployment and operation of FLIDAR buoy.