On May 27, 2021, at the headquarters of the Petroleum Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, Enterprize Energy (EE) officially signed a contract to supply, install and operate a FLIDAR with PTSC G&S/Fugro contractor consortium. The virtual signing ceremony was under the witness of the Consulate General of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Emily Hamblin; representatives of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, representatives of Binh Thuan province leaders, leaders of EE Group, PTSC Corporation and contractors and media agencies in Vietnam.


The Thang Long Wind offshore wind project in Binh Thuan province is the only offshore wind power project in Vietnam that has received approval from the Government of Vietnam and the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the survey and preparation for Power Development Plan’s inclusion, as a basis for investment implementation.


Since June 2019, EE Group has synchronously conducted wind measurement, aeria and bathymetric survey  the area of  2,800 km2, 20-50km off  the  Binh Thuan coast  with  the 20-50m water depth. The survey results obtained so far confirm the great potential of the offshore wind energy source in Viet Nam and affirms Vietnam as one of the world’s offshore wind power centers in the near future.


The signing of a contract to supply, install and operate FLIDAR  worth millions of US dollars is one of the important milestones of the Thang Long Wind project, and at the same time shows the strong commitment of the EE Group to implemente a survey program approved by the Government of Vietnam. In July 2021, EE Group will complete the installation of FLIDAR to collect oceanographic data (waves, wind, currents...) at the project survey area.


At the online contract signing ceremony, Mr. Ian Hatton, Chairman and Founder of Eterprize Enterprize Group said: “Based on documents from international organizations and data centers in Vietnam combined with survey data after nearly two years collected in the proposed project development area, we fully believe that Thang Long Wind project will be a world-class energy project and a breakthrough for the Vietnamese economy in the next 5 to 10 years.


The Thang Long Offshore Wind Project has received strong attention and support from the Government of Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the People's Committee of Binh Thuan province, the Vietnam Energy Association, the Ministry of Trade of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Vietnam, EE Group, in conjunction with the world's leading Engineering, Financing companies and Manufacturer of turbine has proposed a set of documents to supplement the Thang Long Wind project into in the National Power Development plan for the period of 2021-2030. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has completed the appraisal based on the opinions of 13 Vietnamese ministries, sectors and corporations and reported to the Prime Minister in 2020 with the expectation that phase 1 will generate electricity by 2025 and all the project will be completed by 2030.


Thang Long Wind project is a breakthrough in offshore wind power development in Vietnam, potentially linking offshore wind power with green hydrogen and green ammonia production, replacing dependence on fossil fuels in power generation, is a source of energy for industry, transportation, fertilizer and chemical production in Vietnam and for export. In order to solve the current difficulties of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), EE Group takes the initiative propose a solution to thoroughly handle the instability of the power source through the use of an available  air electricity storage system (LAES) combined with Hydrogen gas from the electrolysis of seawater. The 500 KV transmission line system with a length of 270km from Binh Thuan to Dong Nai and Binh Duong will be invested by the Group to actively release capacity from the project. With the inevitable development trend of technology and supply chain, EE Group proposes to negotiate electricity purchase price mechanism in a decreasing trend, in accordance with international practices.


The signing of the contract with PTSC G&S/Fugro is EE's clear commitment to maximize the use of Vietnamese companies in the development of Thang Long Wind project, from survey to engineering, processing, fabrication, and installation. installation, operation and maintenance with the goal of localizing over 50% of the total project investment. Technology associated with the green economy will be transferred and Vietnamese businesses will gradually develop, moving towards participating in global supply and service chains.


At the signing ceremony, Ms. Emily Hamblin, British Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City said: “ I am glad that we are working closely between our two governments and sharing relevant expertise to support Vietnam’s transition away from coal and towards a greater share of renewables, in which Enterprize Energy is leading the way by promoting the extraordinary potential of clean energy sources. The Thang Long project would provide reliable, clean energy, supporting Vietnam’s ongoing development by enable prospective investors greater access to green energy solutions.”


At this event, Ms. Emily Hamblin also shared that COP26 President-Designate Alok Sharma would be visiting Vietnam on May 28 to discuss Vietnam’s clean energy ambitions and explore further collaboration in the run up to the November COP26 Climate Summit, to be hosted in the UK. This is a critical opportunity, hopefully Vietnam would be a central part of that conversation and show visible leadership through the adoption of renewables.


Mr. Truong Tuan Nghia, Director of PTSC G&S also stated: “Today's signing ceremony shows our respect for the cooperation with EE and this is an important milestone for our next steps in the future. PTSC G&S believes that, with the experience of leading experts, technical facilities and high-class equipment, can provide the best service in developing the Thang Long Wind project. With the support from ENTERPRIZE ENERGY, together with our long-standing partner – FUGRO SINGAPORE MARINE, and commitment from all levels of our organization, PTSC G&S is fully confident that the Project will be completed within the agreed time schedule, to the highest quality and safety standards”.


Project Summary

1.    Capacity: 3.400MW; total investment 11,9Bn USD


2.     Power generation time: Divided into 05 phases, the first phase will generate electricity in 2025, the last phase will be in 2030.


3.    Project partners

-       Financing arrangement : Société Générale (France)

-       Engineering: ODE (British).

-       Offshore turbine supply: Mitsubishi Vestas (Denmark - Japan), manufacturing in Denmark. Turbine capacity from 10-17 MW/turbine.

-       Processing, manufacturing base, providing port services, constructing some works at sea: Companies in the oil and gas industry such as Vietsovpetro, PVC-MS.


4.    Key information 

Energy Production:

-       Wind Speed at 120 metres above sea level is on an annual average basis 9.7m/second.

-       Phase 1 at end of 2025 (600 MW) – 2,600,000 MWhrs per Annum

-       Project in 2030 (3,400 MW) – 15,000,000 MWhrs per Annum.

-       Over 30 Years operation the Thang Long Project will produce the equivalent of 265 Million Barrels of Oil, with zero carbon penalty.


Turbine Capacity & Efficiency

-       Capacity from 10 MW to 17MW/turbine

-       Capacity Factor >50%


5.    CO2 Reduction

-       Phase 1 (600 MW) – 3 million tonnes per annum

-       Project (3,400 MW) – 17 million tonnes per annum

-       Project Total (30 years) – 510 million tonnes


6.    Localisation and Contribution to Vietnam Economy

-       Our expectation is that 50% of the construction cost will be spent in Vietnam (USD 6 Bn).

Our expectation is that 75% of the maintenance cost over 30 years will be spent in Vietnam. (USD 9Bn)