Press Release: Latest information about Thang Long Wind offshore wind power project

On 20th November 2020, at the Workshop "Promoting development and saving energy to 2030 and with a vision to 2050" organized by the Vietnam Energy Association in Hanoi, Mr. Ian Hatton, Chairman of Enterprize Energy (EE) made a speech on the development of offshore wind power in general and updated the latest information on the Thang Long Offshore Wind power project, which is currently being developed by the corporation in Binh Thuan Province.


Mr. Ian Hatton stated that the Thang Long Wind project is valued to bring many benefits to the Vietnamese economy and its local. This is a world-class green project, the largest offshore wind power project in Vietnam with a total planned installed capacity of 3400 MW and a total investment of 11.9 billion USD. The project is located offshore of Ke Ga cape, Binh Thuan province from 20 km - 50 km, EE is currently cooperating with both local and abroad companies and contractors to implement the project in 5 phases, of between 600MW and 800 MW each.

The Thang Long Wind project has the highest localization rate in Vietnam. According to calculations, industries and services in Vietnam have the potential to provide at least 50% of the total investment value of a project including survey work, design consulting, procurement, and manufacturing bases, wind towers, onshore transformer stations, storage warehouses, and post-site bases are equivalent to between $6 billion and$ 8.3 billion of the total project investment. Maintenance services will last at least 25 years after the project goes into operation.

Once the Thang Long Offshore Wind Project is fully completed, there could be a power generation output of approximately 15 billion kWh per year. The project also addresses the reduction of CO2 emissions. Offshore wind is not a polluting technology, in fact the project could reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 16 million tonnes per year based on equivalent energy production from coal powered generation.

Local implementation of the project will also bring many benefits, injecting significant revenues into the local economy from the demand for jobs, equipment supplies, and other related benefits.

During the manufacturing and construction phase, the project is expected to mobilize and recruit many workers for the project in Vietnam. In addition, with each completed 600 MW phase, operation and maintenance require the recruitment of more than 50 workers. After completing and putting 3,400 MW into operation, it is expected to mobilize and recruit a large maintenance team. To the permitted extent, EE is committed to training and maximizing local resources on the job for the project. It must be noted that EE are already using local expertise, including environmental and technical experts.

EE will also carry out activities such as providing consultants to work with fishermen in the project area, organize training courses, guide fishing methods, and safe fishing, while being suitable in the project area; or combine with the research, propose effective and practical methods to support fishermen when the project comes into operation.

From a diplomatic and socio-economic perspective, the project will form a breakthrough to attract investment in wind power offshore Vietnam. Through this project, the Government of Vietnam will build a set of legal policies that are more suitable for foreign investors and domestic enterprises to participate in this field.

The project will help strengthen economic cooperation between Vietnam with the UK and the European Union for a consortium of investors, financial providers, and major equipment that Vietnam has not yet made. In addition, the trade relationship between Vietnam and the UK is developing rapidly, especially in strategic areas such as renewable energy and technology.

Currently, the Thang Long Wind offshore wind power project has received a lot of support from ministries and agencies and especially from the leaders and people of Binh Thuan. It has been shown in documents to the Prime Minister of Vietnam for the past year. Especially in the process of developing compensation plans for affected people in the project area, EE has received a lot of support from the people, the comments have been collected and reported by EE to authorities.

Mr. Ian Hatton expressed his wish that the Vietnamese Government would soon allow the addition of the Thang Long Wind offshore wind power project to Power Plan VIII, of which 600MW of phase I is completed and could provide power generation by the end of 2025, subject to the availability of grid connection. The entire 3400MW capacity of the project could be completed and generate electricity by the 2030. The Thang Long Offshore Wind Project is a notable project that has been receiving the Government's attention in attracting FDI; while putting the project into the working agenda of EVFTA, EVIPA, and FTA Negotiation Agreements between the British and Vietnamese Government

Furthermore, EE Group is prepared to work co-operatively with the Government of Vietnam to increase the capacity of the grid in order to transmit the power from Thang Long to end users.

EE Group hopes that the Vietnamese Government will support Enterprize Energy in the process of documenting and licensing the project. . Additionally, EE wish for support to facilitate the research and development of their ‘Energy Plus’ concept. This involves the production and transportation of Liquefied Hydrogen and Ammonia gas from renewable energy sources. EE Group have recently signed an agreement with Tractabel Overdick GmbH to develop such a scheme. The advantages of the technology are that it is a method of energy storage and transportation. It is possible to move the energy by tanker or train instead of by transmission line.