Press Release: Enterprize Energy group signed investment commitment with the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province at “Investment Promotion Conference 2019”

On September 22, 2019 at Sealinks City, Phan Thiet City, BinhThuan Province, Vietnam, Enterprize Energy Group (EE) – developer of the Thang Long offshore wind power project (Thang Long Wind) has officially signed an investment commitment with the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan province.
Mr Ian Hatton (right) – Chairman of EE Group.

Attending the Conference were Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh and over 400 delegates, including leaders of the Central Government, provinces, and cities; international honoured guests; domestic and foreign enterprises and investors.

Upon the investment commitment signing ceremony at the Conference, Mr Ian Hatton – Chairman of EE Group, delivered an overview of the Thang Long Wind Project, emphasising that Binh Thuan has tremendous potential for offshore wind energy. With the Thang Long Wind project, the group affirmed its commitment to bringing both positive economic and environmental benefits to Binh Thuan province, as well as the potential to helping Vietnam in becoming a significant international power regarding offshore wind energy.

Mr Ian Hatton also affirmed the resolute determination of the EE Group in promoting the Thang Long Wind Project. Mr Ian Hatton disclosed that in a brief period of time, EE Group and its supporting team of companies and contractors had jointly deployed an impressive amount of progress for a project that is worth up to 11,9 billion USD.

Following the grant of a detailed survey permit in June 2019, EE group proceeded to cooperate with the Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee to successfully organise the announcing of the survey permit for Thang Long wind project ceremony.

EE Group have also cooperated with relevant agencies in BinhThuan province to consult with the commercial fishing community in La Gi town, Ham Thuan Nam district, Phan Thiet city, in order to provide detailed information and benefits of the Thang Long wind power project; as well as to answer the queries and concerns of the fishing community in the area.

In early July 2019, EE Group submitted a report on Additional Planning to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The report highlighted Vietnam’s enormous wind power potential with an estimated total wind power capacity of 513,360 MW, ranking first in South East Asia. However, Vietnam’s total wind power capacity at present is only at 200MW, being divided into 6 projects. The report also demonstrated the urgency of supplementing power capacity from Thang Long Project into public planning due to the large shortage of power supply, especially after the termination of two nuclear power projects. Once fully developed, Thang Long Wind has the potential to provide 25.000.000 MWh annually to Southern Vietnam.

Meetings have been held with Mr Nguyen Manh Hung, Commissioner of Party Central Committee, the Secretary of Binh Thuan province, the People’s Committee, along with leaders of Binh Thuan’s departments and divisions, on “Report on the adjustment and supplementation of the offshore wind power project, ThangLong Wind (offshore of Ke Ga cape) of Binh Thuan province, into the national electricity development plan for the period of 2011 – 2020, with a vision to 2030”, as well as the survey process of the project. Leaders of departments and divisions, and towns and cities in Binh Thuan province all expressed their support for Thang Long Wind project during meetings.

Enterprize Energy has achieved another important milestone this month, with the installation of a LIDAR on PV’s offshore Diamond platform. The LIDAR, providing live wind speed and directional data at various elevations, was successfully installed and became operational on the 14th September. Using a laser beam to measure the speed of airborne particles, this technology delivers better performance than traditional meteorological masts.

The LIDAR will provide data for a minimum period of 12 months and allow EE group to accurately model the wind resource adjacent to the Thang Long development area. Enterprize Energy would like to thank all its Vietnamese and foreign contractors who were involved in the work and looks forward to the continued success of this exciting project.

The Thang Long Wind Power project is situated offshore from Ke Ga cape in Binh Thuan provice, Vietnam and covers 2,000 km2. The project will be constructed between 20km and 50 km from the Ke Ga cape. The projected average wind speed is over 9.5m/s and following industry trends of increasing individual turbine generation capacity, the first Thang Long project turbines will be rated at 9.5 MW. Over the duration of the proposed phased development, technological advance is likely to see the use of 10Mw -12MW turbines.

Phase I of the Thang Long Wind project is planned to be connected to the grid by the end of 2022 and early 2023 with 64 wind turbines and a capacity of 600 MW.

The following stages of development will be Thang Long Wind II, Thang Long Wind III, Thang Long Wind IV, Thang Long Wind V, all of which could in turn be in operation from 2023 – 2026, with a capacity of 600MW each stage. The final development stage is Thang Long Wind VI with a capacity of 400MW.

The total capacity of the project is estimated to be 3400MW. The investment capital that is arranged for the entire 3400MW project, is equivalent to approximately 11,9 billion USD, not including the investment for the connection to the national electricity system.

June 12, 2019, Enterprize Energy Group were awarded a survey license. Document No. 4146/BCT – ĐL from the Ministry of Industry and Trade on approving the implementation of survey, research, and construction investment regarding Thang Long wind power project.

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