Enterprize Energy Group officially signed investment commitment with Binh Thuan province

  As one of the 14 projects that signed the memorandum of investment at Binh Thuan’s Investment Promotion Conference 2019, Enterprize Energy Group (EE) affirmed its commitment to bringing both positive economic and environment benefits to the province; potentially turning Vietnam into an international great power regarding offshore wind power.
On September 22, the Binh Thuan’s Investment Promotion Conference 2019 was witnessed by the Standing Deputy Prime Minister Mr Truong Hoa Binh, along with leaders of central and local ministries, associations, enterprises, corporations at home and abroad, and local and central press agencies.
Speaking at the Conference, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh affirmed that Binh Thuan has a relatively synchronous transport infrastructure, hence there is great potential for developing wind and solar power; the province is also rich in tourism potential, especially island tourism, eco – resort, along with beaches with beautiful natural landscapes, and rich in cultural and historical relics. Mui Ne has been identified as a tourism hub of Southeast Asia and Asia – Pacific. The land abundance of potential is huge, and a synchronous irrigation system has already been in place, all of which will be favorable for the development of high-tech agriculture. Owing to the efforts in promoting the attraction of investment, to date, Binh Thuan province has 1,525 projects with a total investment of about 303 trillion VND, of which are 106 valid FDI projects with a total registered capital of 3.24 billion USD.


Binh Thuan province has granted the Decision on investment guidelines for 10 projects, with a total investment of approximately 23,000 billion VND.
Binh Thuan province has granted the Decision on investment guidelines for 10 projects, with a total investment of approximately 23,000 billion VND, and signed a memorandum of investment registration for 14 projects with a total registered capital of 19 billion USD and 30,696 billion VND in various fields.


Despite the multitude of advantages and potential, Binh Thuan still faces many difficulties and challenges in organizing and restructuring production to promote socio-economic development adequately, including a systematic infrastructure and human resources, and problems in titanium mineral planning with socio-economic development projects of the province.
At the conference, Mr. Ian Hatton, Chairman of EE Group, gave an overview of ThangLong Wind project and emphasized that Binh Thuan is a locality with great potential of offshore wind power. Mr. Ian Hatton affirmed EE Group's strong determination in promoting ThangLong Wind project. Mr Ian Hatton disclosed that in a brief period of time, the Group had deployed an impressive amount of progress for a project that is worth up to 11,9 billion USD. In September 2019, the Group had installed the LIDAR wind measuring device, and immediately conducted aerial and sea survey. The device, which was successfully installed and went live on September 14, will provide information on live wind speeds and navigation data at various heights. In addition, the device will apply the use of a laser beam to measure the speed of particles in the air, a technology that offers better performance than traditional measurement methods. LIDAR is expected to provide data for a minimum of 12 months and present EE an accurate model of wind resources in adjacent to the Thang Long wind power development area.
At the ceremony, representatives of Zarubezhneft of Russia also signed a memorandum of investment and stated that they would consider investing in Thang Long Long offshore wind power project, in case of confirming the economic efficiency of the project. Binh Thuan Provincial People's Committee welcomes the investment registration of EE company and will create favourable conditions for the company to carry out the project implementation procedures in Binh Thuan in accordance with Vietnam’s law.


At the Conference, the Chairman of Binh Thuan People's Committee, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Hai, stated that there lies many challenges in transportation in an unsullied land of investment, such as the lack of airport and highways. Thus, the desire of the province to develop, to make breakthrough, and to utilise its resources to its full potential, has made Binh Thuan cultivate the dream of finding and calling out for the "leading cranes" in developing economic pillars. Specifically, in the past 2 to 3 years, the wind power project offshore ThangLong with a capacity of 3,400MW, has been acting as the backbone of processing, manufacturing and renewable energy industry. This is an ambitious project of an international complex of renewable energy investors, represented by Enterprize Energy Group, which has been approved by the Prime Minister to carry out survey, measurement, and data collection on offshore wind with an area of approximately 2,000 km2, with the distance of 20 to 60 meters from Ke Ga cape.