Achieving the "dual" goal of socio-economic development and disease prevention and control in Binh Thuan province

Economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic was set by the Party and State early. In the first year of the pandemic (2020), Vietnam has advocated the implementation of the "dual" goal, both preventing and combating epidemics and developing socio-economic development. In each specific time and for each economic sector, each locality, measures to implement the "dual" goal are also flexible, based on the extent of the spread of the disease. However, the goal of prevention, denial, health negotiations, people's lives are always put primarily.  As a gateway to connect with the central economic region in the South – the area with the highest number of infections in the country, Binh Thuan has suffered many impacts, affecting the COVID-19 pandemic. During the period of epidemic tension, Binh Thuan love rhymes firmly as "green zone", "buffer zone" while 18 years, the southern city implements the social way according to Chi Thi 16 / CT-TTg of the Prime Minister.  More than 25,000 cases of COV1D-19 have been reported. The epidemic has affected people's lives and jobs, activities to attract investment, production, and business, in which the tourism industry suffered the most damage with 2 consecutive years of negative growth, many businesses suspended operations and faced the risk of bankruptcy ...

            In that difficulty, the Ministry, the government, and the people of Binh Thuan have a lot of energy, and the people of Binh Thuan have a lot of energy, both room, translation, and economic development and the achievement of hoarse gift results. Although the growth rate of internal surgery (GRDP) in 2021 reached 2.77%, the state budget revenue reached 166.86% of the estimate, an increase of 122.36% compared to 2020, thanks to the spillover effects from 2020 and the first 6 months of 2021. Industrial exports continued to develop with the value of export floor increased by 6.16%, export turnover of goods increased by 21.8%, attracting development investment capital increased by 8.6% compared to 2020. The tourism industry soon welcomed visitors immediately after the Government issued Resolution No. 128-128-1/CP'. Agricultural production and fishing, agricultural and rural areas rhymes are the pillars of the economy. Private projects to develop the structure of Infrastructure for economic development - the association in the area is trampled on the construction progress and the bank despite the difficult times  due to the epidemic entering the community,  Policies on welfare and welfare of social insurance for policy icons, poor households, ethnic minorities, laborers damaged by epidemics and diseases are carried out in a timely manner. Political security, order and safety in the area are maintained.


 Achieving the above results is due to Binh Thuan's efforts to implement measures to prevent and combat epidemics effectively, while developing the economy in epidemic conditions appropriately. This result is the party, the motivation for Binh Thuan to recover the economy and develop stronger in 2022 and the following years, contributing to the direct implementation of the Resolution of the 14th National Congress of Delegates, term 2020 - 2025.


Some solutions for socio-economic recovery and development of Binh Thuan province:


In the process of restoring socio-economic development, Binh Thuan set out the task of ensuring the maintenance of socio-economic stability associated with the implementation of the objectives of the 5-year plan 2021-2025, the plan to restructure the national economy in the period of 2021-2025 and the objectives, The target of the Provincial Party Congress set out. Accordingly, Binh Thuan province has focused on the following tasks and solutions:

First, remove the "bottleneck" from the human factor

Binh Thuan province has many potentials and advantages for socio-economic development, but the province has not yet promoted a potential effect, that advantage.  One of the factors that contributes to the development of Binh Thuan is that the effectiveness and effectiveness are not high in the operation of state agencies and human factors. Over the years, expenses, such as the Par Index. The Index   of Public Administration and Devolution (PAP1), the Satisfaction Index of individual organizations for the quality of service of state administrative agencies (SIPAS) of Binh Thuan province is among the lowest provinces in the country. The provincial competitiveness index (PCI), although above average, tends to drop 3rd consecutive years recently. It is the "white button, " the "bottleneck" that is being exacerbated by the growth of the effervescent. " This bottleneck" comes from the human factor, which is being placed by Bình Thuan as a top priority position to overcome, because if the above situation is not improved, other methods will be difficult to reverse the effect.

In order to overcome such bottlenecks and bottlenecks, the Provincial Standing Committee and the Provincial People's Committee issued a document directing all levels and sectors to drastically improve the investment and business environment, improve competitiveness, reform administrative procedures, improve the satisfaction of people and businesses for the service of state administrative agencies,  mobilizing the participation of the whole political system, the supervision of the people in which, the responsibility of state administrative agencies is the focus.  With the main objective is to improve the efficiency of the government and the system of administrative agencies, promote the role and responsibility of the head and the staff of cadres and civil servants in the performance of public duties.


 Secondly, the implementation of economic recovery and development with the process of restructuring and economic recovery.


Binh Thuan identified three economic pillars that need to be prioritized for development: industry (focusing on energy industry), agriculture (associated with the application of high technology, creating value) and tourism.   Binh Thuan has issued 5 resolutions on economic development - association, including: Resolution on the development of modern, sustainable and high-value agricultural sectors; Resolution on tourism development until 2025, oriented to 2030; Resolution on promoting the mobilization of investment resources to develop economic infrastructure - assembly until 2025; Resolution on industrial development to 2025, orientation to 2030 and Resolution on book hill transfer. In the coming time, the Committee will issue a resolution on improving people's lives and incomes. With the issuance of the above resolutions, Binh Thuan has shaped the vision, views, goals, tasks, and solutions for the next 5 to 10 years in many areas, focusing on the areas where Binh Thuan has potential and advantages.


For industry, Binh Thuan focuses on speeding up the progress of completing the infrastructure of industrial zones and clusters, such as Tuy Phong industrial park on the North of the province; The Industrial Park of Tan Duc, Son My 1, Son My 2 in the south, industrial clusters in Duc Linh district, Tien Linh district. As an adjacent to the important economic region  in the south that is too "cramped" in terms of development space, too labor and essential infrastructure, the land is large, the sea climate is fresh, there are highways,  the airport, the more the sea, the source of resources in the city is  relatively abundant, so Binh Thuan is an attractive destination for investors. Therefore, Binh Thuan is strongly promoting investment, "phoning off" inviting large, potential investors, having elevated levels of science and technology.


Developing the energy industry is a great advantage for Binh Thuan, especially renewable energy. Since 2013, the Politburo has issued conclusions of book 76-KL/TW', emphasizing the construction of Binh Thuan to become a national energy center. After 10 years of implementing the above conclusion, Binh Thuan has 47 power generation projects in operation (total generating capacity is 6,480 MW). With the conclusion of COP 26 and the commitment of the Prime Minister of Vietnam to achieve net development of "0" by 2050, Binh Thuan has a great opportunity to accelerate the development of the renewable energy industry, especially offshore wind power,  Because this place has a lot of potential in solar radiation, wind energy, this also contributes to the implementation of the views and orientations outlined in Resolution No. 55-NQ/TW of the Politburo. This opportunity, Binh Thuan emphasized the message: Creating the most favorable conditions for investors to access land, lakes, marine space to study, explore the potential, propose investment projects, especially offshore wind power, LNG electrification,  At the same time, Binh Thuan "persistently" proposed to the Government and the authorities to have a clear "presence" of large-scale offshore wind power projects, such as The Thang Long Wind project of Enterprize Energy  Group (3,400 MW,  extorting investment capital of 11.9 billion USD);  Tuy Phong wind power project for Orsted and T&T Group (4,600 MW, 15 billion USD); AMI AC Binh Thuan wind power project under AMI AC Renewable Company (1,800 MW, 5 billion USD), in the national power plan VIII.


Thirdly, take the investment, take the investment.


In the context of economic difficulties, promoting public investment will stimulate total demand, making economic activities more vibrant, thereby contributing to promoting recovery and economic development again. In 2021, the province approved the investment policy of 297 projects from state budget capital, with a total investment capital of VND 2,918; in the period of 2021 - 2025, there were 662 public investment projects with a total budget of more than VND 20,769. In addition, there are 3 important projects being implemented in the area: the road component project east of Vinh Hao - Phan Thiet, Phan Thiet - Dau Giay; Phan Thiet aviation terminal project and Kapet reservoir project. In general, the number of projects and the amount of public investment capital in Binh Thuan area is not much, but many projects are very important, have a strong and wide spreading impact, which has great significance in economic development - association, such as: New construction of road 719B from Phan Thiet to Ke Ga (parallel to coastal route 719),  Ham Kiem - Tien Thanh connect with National Highway 1 with Tien Thanh tourist area, Hon Lan - Tan Huong street, Tan Minh - Son My road, Dong Ha - Gia Huynh road; important irrigation works, such as the water supply channel in the southern district, Song Dinh - Nui Dat canal  , Bich Lac - Ham Tan canal; Van Thanh bridge... Binh Thuan is putting in the effort to speed up the progress of public investment capital, soon complete the works and projects put into use, contributing to promoting economic development - the association.


  Fourth, the intensity of innovation, the confusion.


In the general recovery trend of water lemongrass, Binh Thuan needs to have solutions to recover intelligently, artificially, scientifically, not to beat the rhythm, go behind, later, and the algae have a high rate of recovery and development. In the process, Binh Thuan focuses on innovation, transferring opponents to improve the efficiency of each sector, sector, each policy and consider this as a breakthrough stage, creating a further and higher jump in socio-economic development, The resolution of Binh Thuan’s communist party on changing arguments has defined the focus of digital transformation according to 3 pillars: Digital government, digital economy, and socialization. Accordingly, Binh Thuan will develop local policies, prioritize digital change for state management agencies, public services, enterprises, cooperation and promote the development of the "no touch" economy. By 2025, all administrative procedures eligible under the provisions of law are provided in the form of level 4 public services, work records of state agencies at all levels are mainly handled on the internet environment.  ; fiber optic broadband infrastructure covers up to 80% of households, schools and hospitals; book economy accounts for 20% of GRDP; By 2030, the digital economy will account for 30% of GRPD... In order to soon achieve the goals and targets of digital transformation, Binh Thuan will focus on disseminating knowledge to people. businesses, creating habits of using digital services, supporting, and promoting businesses to transform and apply digital technology. Actively linking with domestic and foreign training establishments and research centers to strengthen the training, compensation, and high-level ability to convert books for cadres, civil servants, officials, employees, create an attractive working environment, modern, professional, meeting the requirements of implementing argument transfer. At the same time, devoting resources to develop the infrastructure of the economy.


The COV1D-19 pandemic left many major economic consequences. The process of economic recovery and development is both a challenge and an opportunity to restructure the economy with new breakthrough directions. As a group with a lot of potential for industrial development (including energy and processing industry, stagnant); tourism, high-tech agriculture, Binh Thuan province to create breakthroughs in recovery, economic development - the association on the basis of an innovative plan, intelligent, harmoniously combining human causes, natural conditions, and existing socio-economic conditions.

Author: Duong Van An - Member of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Secretary of Binh Thuan Provincial Communist Party