On April 25, 2022, on the basis of an official notice from the Binh Thuan Maritime Administration at letter no. 311/CVHHBT-PC-TT-ATANHH dated April 20, 2022, Enterprize Energy Group and PTSC GS in collaboration with the local authority inspection team including representatives of Binh Thuan Maritime Administration, Coastal Border Guard and Southern VietNam Maritime Safety reviewed and inspected the implementation of the approved Maritime Safety Plan for collecting wind and tide data by floating buoys (FLIDAR) at the FLIDAR deployment area, Thang Long Wind project, offshore KeGa Cape, Binh Thuan province
Inspection team at FLIDAR Location, Offshore KeGa cape, Binh Thuan Province


The conclusion from the local authority inspection team clearly indicated that Enterprize Energy and the contractor - PTSC GS had arranged and fully complied in according to the content of the Maritime Safety Plan approved by Binh Thuan Maritime Administration.

-          At the time of inspection, there was 01 specialized signaling buoy (FLIDAR) with characteristics consistent with the approved maritime safety plan, in normal operation condition; there is 01 guard vessel mooring near the FLIDAR area (approx. 500m) to monitor the buoy's activities and perform the duty of regulating, guarding and guiding  navigation, warning ships operation in vicinity area to know, avoid to ensure safety.

-          In order to continue to ensure safety, maritime security, fire prevention and prevention of environmental pollution in the area, it is recommended that the investor and contractor always maintain the operating status of the floating buoy (FLIDAR) and at the same time arrange guard vessel of regulating, warning and guiding navigation to avoid affecting maritime safety for ships passing through the area.

The Thang Long Wind Project is located 20 km to 60 km from the coast of Binh Thuan, with a water depth of about 30 to 55 meters. The project has an expected capacity of 3,400 MW, total investment is estimated at 11.9 billion USD, generating electricity in the period 2025-2030.