Energy for Re-generation (3)

BT- If bringing into play the master role of people in environmental monitoring from energy projects in general as well as efforts to innovate the modern and advanced technology to meet the environmental protection requirements of Vinh Tan Electricity Center, surely the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is at 15% by 2030 and 20% by 2045, from the Plan 216/2020 of the Provincial Standing Committee, will be achieved.


Report 3: The transition to sustainability




Thang Long Wind power project is located off the coast of Binh Thuan (from Ke Ga cape) about 50 km, with an area of over 2,000 km2. Photo:Illustrations.

Promising charisma

Despite the obstacles, investors still pay atte


ntion to wind and solar power in the province, firstly because the under-operation factories are still reaching a profitable roadmap. Even solar power plants in Tuy Phong, after June 2019, suffered a large capacity cut, loss of profit in calculation, but since 2020 till now, still reached an average of 80% of the plant capacity, obtained profit. The change from "no" to "yes" is the result that Binh Thuan’s leaders has worked with the Central Committee in a very urgent and drastic trying.

According to the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee in the period of 2015 - 2020, after understanding the situation of power supply reduction of factories in Tuy Phong, around the end of 2019, the province had many meetings with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and EVN to find a way to relieve the capacity of factories and invest in transmission lines in the northern part of the province. After that, the Southern Power Corporation came back the province, calculated and there were 4 grid projects to be built. It is output bar 110kV of Substation 220kV Phan Rí, 110kV circuit 2 of Ninh Phuoc - Tuy Phong - Phan Rí wireline; 110kV circuit 2 of Luong Son - Phan Rí and 110kV circuit 2 of Dai Ninh - Phan Rí. At the same time, quickly upgrading the 110kV circuit 1 of Ninh Phuoc – Tuy Phong – Phan Rí wireline, so by 2020, it has contributed to unfreezing up more power capacity for plants to 80%...

That is why the region has a high intensity of sunshine such as Tuy Phong, the projects continue to be implemented and it is understandable that in other districts and towns still attract the projects. It is clearly visible that during the last 2 years, the sector of electricity production is less affected by epidemics than other industries. Above all, the determinant for attraction is that the whole country is still lack of electricity and desperately thirsty for clean electricity. Especially in February 2020, the Resolution No. 55-NQ/TW of the Politburo on the orientation of Vietnam's National Energy Development Strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2045 is issued. Accordingly, on August 12, 2020, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Communist Party (XIII) issued Plan No. 216 to implement Resolution 55 with the emphasis on effectively exploiting, using and promoting energy resources in the province, prioritizing the development of renewable energy sources and new energy. Many Solutions are in proposed to develop simultaneously a variety of renewable energy sources such as offshore wind power; solar power on the water, rooftop; small hydropower; Biomass electricity... and LNG power, striving to make Binh Thuan soon become a national energy center.

In October 2020, the Resolution of the 14th Party Congress of Binh Thuan province identified the industrial development, specifically the energy and processing as one of the three economic pillars of the province. Replying the press, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Duong Van An emphasized that during the term 2020 - 2025, Binh Thuan is determined to achieve the focal goal of developing renewable energy as the spirit of Resolution 55 of the Politburo in 2020. Accordingly, at the end of February 2021, after reviewing, the Provincial People's Committee issued a report proposed with the Central Government to put 74 projects, which include 62 solar power, 11 wind power and 1 gas power into the PDP VIII. At the same time, it is proposed to invest in the construction, renovation and upgrading of transmission lines and substations in a uniform way to serve the connection, transmission, capacity release and effective development of power projects.

Flexible investment into transmission line

With megal-scale offshore wind power projects, the transmission of power shall pay a lot of attention of people. Representative of EE Group, Thang Long Wind’s investor said: "In the Draft PDP VIII, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has introduced scenarios for developing power transmission systems in synchronization with power development in the South Central region, including Binh Thuan province. It is expected that the dual-circuit 500KV transmission line system with a total length of 270 km from Binh Thuan to Dong Nai and Binh Duong has been included in the calculations of Thang Long Wind project. EE Group has proposed to the Government of Vietnam and the Ministry of Industry and Trade that the Group will invest in this system. The synchronized development between power supply and power grid for projects with a capacity of up to 3,400 MW such as Thang Long Wind project is popular in the world. Therefore, EE Group fully believes that Thang Long Wind project will contribute to bring Binh Thuan province into the position of a world-class renewable energy center in the future".

The investment plan of EE Group's transmission line is considered as decisive factor for the early and effective appearance of Thang Long Wind. The private investment in the electricity transmission sector has been controversial since late 2019, because of the improper spirit of the Electricity Law as well as concerns about the impact on energy security and national security for which the Lessons of the Philippines are an example. However, in Resolution 55/2020 of Politburo, it emphasized: "There is a mechanism to encourage the attraction of out-of-state capital to invest in the construction of national transmission systems". Many options are aimed at both speeding up energy projects while ensuring energy security and national security. And in mid-2020, the first private enterprise was allowed to make a 500kV 500kV power transmission infrastructure in Ninh Thuan in the way of investment and then transferred to EVN for management and operation ... From here, opening the direction for substations, dual-circuit 500kV lines that Binh Thuan proposed the Central Government to soon supplement the planning and investment in the coming time such as Substation 500 kV Ke Ga - Ham Thuan Nam, Substation 500 kV of La Gan wind power, 500 kV dual circuit line Ham Thuan Nam - Long Thanh, Ham Thuan Nam - Binh Duong ... have a chance to quickly appear in practice. However, that's just a condition to...

Requiring enough conditions

The conditions here not only overcome the unstable side of renewable energy due to strong winds, when weak, it is necessary for factories to invest in battery storage systems, but also related to the coordinated perception of the people. The compensation for the construction of the 110kV circuit 2 of Ninh Phuoc – Tuy Phong – Phan Rí lasts from 2020 to the present in the context of wind and solar power plants expecting the line to be formed soon to be released at full capacity is an example that clearly demonstrates the harm of the people's insufficient awareness. People is asking the high compensation and support numbers, because comparing in 2019, the time when solar power project owners want to timely enjoy preferential prices for 20 years then accepted the additional support with billions of Vietnam dong. This set a bad precedent. When the above 110kV circuit 2 is invested by the State, although the relevant energy enterprises want to support to speed up the progress, the functional authorities disagreed, because if so it will be difficult to make compensation for the North - South expressway and the slow results taken place as seen. Therefore, in the Plan 216/2020 of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee emphasized the solution: "Mobilizing propaganda for people to raise awareness about the role and importance of the energy sector for socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security". In fact, if people agree to assign land and space, surely the above line has been completed soon, not only helping many projects to release capacity in phase 1, working more phase 2, but also creating more jobs, raising career levels and increasing income for local people as well as provincial budget.

Since then, if people understand and agree because of the reasonable common in compensation in energy projects in the coming time, it is the people in the project areas that are inherently in rural, deep-worm and remote areas will be changed the most life. Moreover, if bringing into play the master role of people in environmental monitoring from energy projects in general as well as efforts to innovate the modern and advanced technology to meet the environmental protection requirements of Vinh Tan Electricity Center, surely the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is at 15% by 2030 and 20% by 2045, from the Plan 216/2020 of the Provincial Standing Committee, will be achieved.  At this time, the people of Binh Thuan, the renewable energy center, will have a different life - prosperous, modern and civilized. That is not too delusional, because looking back at the rural areas with energy projects in Bac Binh, Tuy Phong has also seen the change. As former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon once said that renewable energy is capable of elevating poor countries to a more prosperous new level. In fact, that energy name not only properly shows the mechanism of operation of the word "renewable" but also because what this clean green electricity brings is a change as well as its other name: energy for Regeneration.

According to the PlanNo.216/2020 of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, it is expected that by 2025, Binh Thuan will develop, raising the total capacity of power sources to about 13.85 GW, electricity output reaches 68 billion kWh; by 2030 to 22.6 GW with an output of about 106 billion kWh and by 2045 reaching about 38.3 GW, electricity output will reach 164 billion kWh. In particular, prioritize the development of renewable energy sources, clean energy such as onshore and offshore wind power; solar power and liquidity gas electricity.

Bich Nghi