Announcing the license for surveying ThangLong wind power project

  On June 13, in Binh Thuan province, there took place a ceremony to announce the license for surveying ThangLong wind power project in offshore area of Ke Ga Cape and to introduce the official Website of the project.

Thang Long (Ke Ga) wind power project invested by energy companies headed by Enterprise Energy Group – a leading group in developing offshore renewable energy and exploiting energy sources with carbon emissions decrease, was approved by the Prime Minister on January 22, 2019.

The project with a capacity of 3400 MW and a foreign investment capital of US$ 11.9 billion (excluding the investment for connection to the national power system) will be developed on offshore area in 20 -50 km from the Binh Thuan sea coast (Ke Ga Cape), where the average wind speed reaches 9.5 m/sec. The area for survey is 2800 km2 among this 2000 km2 for wind power project and 800 km2 for undersea power transmission cables from the project to the sea coast. The unit capacity of wind power project will be different with a progressive trend in accordance with the technology of wind power turbine.

Mr. Ian Hatton, the Chairman of Enterprise Energy Group said: “After receiving the Official Survey License, the investors have the simultaneous goals to conduct surveys and make additional planning, environmental and feasibility reports of the project to ensure its first phase (Thang Long Wind I) with a capacity of 600 MW on 64 wind towers will be synchronized with the national power system at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023.

The next phases of the project development as Thang Long Wind II, Thang Long Wind III, Thang Long Wind IV and Thang Long Wind V with a capacity of 600 MW each will be in turn put into operation from 2023-2026. The final stage as Thang Long Wind VI has a capacity of 400 MW”.

At the ceremony, investors as the leading foreign and Vietnamese companies in the fields of finance, design consultancy, energy, communication, mechanics which will participate in project implementation were also officially introduced. There were announced the official website of the project with the domain name and the official website of the group at address of

Source: VietnamEnergy