Please download the brochure introducing the Thang Long offshore wind power project here.


The Thang Long Offshore Wind Power Project is being developed by Enterprize Energy Group with national and international supporting companies providing additional expertise. This collaborative development style aims to expedite the delivery of technologically advanced renewable power production at the best price possible. Enterprize Energy are proud to be working with domestic companies: Vietsovpetro, PVC – MS, EVN PECC3, Haduco, Hemera Media; and international companies:  Société Générale, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, ODE Ltd.

The project has been surveyed and researched for many years, it covers an area of over 2,000 km2, located in Binh Thuan offshore (from Ke Ga cape). The project will be constructed between 20km and 50 km from the Ke Ga cape. The projected average wind speed is over 9.5m/s and following industry trends of increasing individual turbine generation capacity, the first Thang Long project turbines will be rated at 9.5 MW. Over the duration of the proposed phased development, technological advance is likely to see the use of 10Mw -12MW turbines.

The Thang Long Offshore Wind Power group have worked with Binh Thuan People’s Committee and received the Committee’s approval. The project has now been submitted to the Prime Minister for consideration. The Prime Minister issued Document No 6964/VPCP-QHQT dated 25 June 2018 based on the report by Enterprize Energy (representing the Thang Long Offshore Wind Power project).

On the 7th September, at the direction of the Vietnamese Prime Minister, the MOIT issued Document No 7250/BCT-BN, instructing Enterprize Energy to complete the required steps necessary for approval. This includes consultation with the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other Ministries. Upon completion, the project will be re-submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, to be forwarded to the Prime Minister for approval.

According to Mr. Ian Hatton, Chairman of Enterprize Energy, the proposed scope of the Ke Ga Project is 3,400 MW, to be developed in 600MW phases. The investment capital required to implement the entire 3,400MW project is approximately 9 billion USD, excluding investment in export transmission lines and sub-stations with capacity of 500kV to connect to the national grid.

Mr. Ian Hatton believes that with stable and consistent governmental regulation, appropriate power-purchase contracts, proven turbine technology and contractors to fabricate and install equipment, financial aspects of the project can be ensured by funds from international banks.